Saturday, September 18, 2010

My first tee recon!

Hi again! So I'm here with a quick, simple, no-sew recon. I think I first saw this in the book Generation T, but don't quote me on that.

Note to self: take better pictures...

I started with a $3 Walmart shirt that didn't look very flattering for some reason, and turned it into something I like! Here's a tute for those who are interested!

1) Begin with your blah Walmart shirt, or any other fitted, jersey top.

So blah, it blends in with the carpet.
2) Cut a large heart shape out of paper, wide enough to go across your chest, tall enough to go from, say, mid-chest to bellybutton. I would suggest making the "dip" at the top deep, for reasons I will go into later.

3) Turn your shirt inside out, lay the paper on the front side of the shirt, and trace around it once you are satisfied with its position. I'm a bit lazy and ghetto, so I just used ballpoint pen.

4) Using a straightedge of some sort, draw lines horizontally across your heart. I put mine about half an inch apart. You can do whatever you want, just remember that too narrow risks breakage and too wide loses the design.

5) Carefully cut along your horizontal lines.

6) Turn the shirt inside out. Put on a tank top or cami (I used purple because it's my favorite color, and it makes an awesome pun, har har), then pull the shirt on over it. Done!

And there you have it! Easy. The reason why I suggested that you put the "dip" lower is because the way I had it, it actually tended to creep upward and sometimes expose the neckline of the tank top, which was a mild annoyance.

Also, I was brilliant enough to toss this into the laundry. Thankfully, instead of eating my shirt, the dryer actually kind of crinkled and pulled at the strips making up the heart. I wasn't digging how solid the strips still looked after I cut them, so this was a lucky accident for me! But in the future, I think I might hang dry this baby. I don't want it to fall to pieces on me.

Until next time!


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