Sunday, January 23, 2011

A quick and easy T-shirt recon

First off, a shout-out: Thank you to Heather of Me Making Do for featuring my join-as-you-go crocheted ribbing! Visit her blog for all sorts of great things: beautiful crafts, great tutorials, and of course, our favorite, link parties!

So, on to the topic of the day: you all remember a little while back, when t-shirt reconstruction was all the rage. While it may have toned down somewhat, it's still going strong. Way back then, while browsing the various creative things you can possibly do with a t-shirt, I stumbled on a fabulously easy one:

Sorry, the room looks like a mess, but it actually isn't. Bad angles?
Assuming you want to make it (and I know you want to make this), read on!

Step 1: Take a t-shirt. To get the results I did, choose one that's a bit boxy/baggy on you, but feel free to experiment with other fits. (this is a very forgiving and easily modifiable method).

Step 2: Cut off the collar and sleeves. Cut up the center of the front. (cut along the red lines) Try on your new vest.

Step 3: Trim as necessary. I got rid of the sharp corners left at the collar area and narrowed the shoulders, but you don't see those in the actual photos because they are all of the finished product. But for reference, I essentially cut along the lines in green.

Step 4: Experiment with styling. Embellish if you wish, but personally I like this simple look.

Besides what I've done in these pictures, imagine all the things you can do with this! Add a big cute brooch, a cardigan clip. Embroider, layer, add studs, buttons, zippers, lacing, and other crazy awesome detailing.

Final step: Rock it. :)

'Til next time!


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