Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Origami Roses

Greetings all! I'm back with a quick project I worked on about a week ago.

That is, it was supposed to be a quick project...

Do you remember this photo, from my turtle history?

I made these roses from construction paper for Mother's Day two years ago, using this tutorial. By now, sitting by that window has faded them to this:


So my mom asked me if I could redo them in something that will keep its color. My first thought was origami paper. Her first thought?

This is the same shiny stuff they wrap around poinsettia pots in the holiday season. It's pretty to be sure, but I'm warning you now, it's a bear to work with.

A paper rose might take me ten minutes. Might. Lots of pre-creasing.

However, these beautiful foil roses?

Each one took over an hour.

The problem with these is they don't stay when folded. They crease easily, but it won't stay put! I had paper clips hanging all over the place during the shaping steps, until I could lock the darn things in place.

But really....

SO worth it. They're gorgeous.

Now the white rose, of course, hadn't faded, only the pink and yellow had. But my mom was thinking, "Well, won't that one matte rose look odd against all that shiny-ness?"

She looks at me and says, "Why don't you try aluminum foil?"

I surprised to find out that the aluminum foil rose was significantly easier. The folds actually stayed in place (better than paper, actually); the only problem is that in both aluminum foil and the foil paper I had, it's difficult to reverse a fold (you know, make it fold the other way)...the foil doesn't like change, I guess.

But again...


Aren't these just beautiful? I am seriously considering screwing all gender stereotypes and making a bouquet of these for my boyfriend next Valentine's Day. Just so I can do it.

SO PRETTY. I'm a little obsessed.

Again, if you'd like to make these, the tutorial can be found here. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy. After two roses I could do it from memory. Please show me pictures if you try it!

Edit: Okay, so, um, ridiculous story. How many of you are familiar with the blog Inside Out Style? It's this really fabulous style blog by Australian image consultant Imogen Lamport. She has all these great posts that always focus on finding what is best for you. You'll see in my list of blogs I follow that I do read a few fashion blogs (it's one of my new interests), but I just don't talk about it much. But I have to say, Inside Out Style is one of my favorites because it's so practical and applicable to me.

So why did I mention this in the first place? Well, Imogen has a feature called Weekend Reading, and guess what link popped up there?


Sorry, I'm just blown away that someone so "high and mighty" in the blogging world would have even noticed something written by me. It's exciting, and such an honor! :) Thank you, Imogen! Please visit her blog and/or take a look at the other bloggers in this week's Weekend Reading!


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  1. These roses are great. I love to make origami, but I'm not so great with it. I like the idea of having loads of beautiful flowers made from these beautiful papers

  2. Spectacular looking flowers. I know how hard it is too make thee roses as I had tried and stopped at creasing stage itself. Nice to visit the blog of a future doctor.
    Cheers from India
    Dr Sonia S V
    ENT Surgeon and Avid crafter

  3. beautiful flowers and too much hard work
    happy to see in my food blog

  4. These roses are beautiful! I love the foil ones, they are so pretty!!

  5. These origami roses are impressive and very pretty. You should totally make a bouquet for your boyfriend from those!

    Thanks for your comment on my body image post -that's very insightful stuff! I'm always wary when someone proposes that some of the more complex gendered social behaviors are due to evolution and brings in the hunters vs. gatherers: We just don't know enough about how people lived back then to use it to explain anything, who is to say that hunting was exclusively men's work, and gathering exclusively women's work? Also, wouldn't our hypothetically male hunters in a group depend on each other much more, and therefore develop an even stronger spirit of shared effort and shared work, i.e. non-competitive work, than our hypothetically female gatherers? You can pick a basket of berries on your own (and if you pick more berries than someone else, you clearly did a better job), you can't kill a bison alone. Anyway... I believe that gendered behavior as it appears today is socially conditioned to a large degree, but that doesn't mean we can't use what we have at hand to combat negativity. I think when - mostly female - body image bloggers join in conversation on the internet we're kind of doing that - finding common ground, sharing experiences, being non-competitive :)


  6. They ARE gorgeous! Methinks they will make for great Christmas ornament. :)

  7. they look awesome! btw i also have a blog and a web directory, would you like to exchange links? let me know on emily.kovacs14@gmail.com