Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another beginning

I survived! The deed is done, the battle is fought, and the brave soldier has come marching home. My test is done, and now the third year of medical school begins.

I realize in my head that it's a little silly to wait "until a good time" to start on new goals, or even to think that beginnings (like New Year's, or the beginning of a school year) are necessarily "the time" to set new goals. But I guess at times like these, we're really looking to the future, and that brings to mind all these things we want to change and accomplish. So, on the brink of starting a new year, I looked back, looked ahead, and came up with a little something that I hope I can use to guide me through the next year.

Things to Be in the Coming Year:

1) Loving 
As a girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend

2) Consistent
Maintain a journal for once!

3) Unplugged
Stop wasting so much time on the Internet

4) Creative!
Keep on crafting

5) Active
Try to get exercise

6) Healthy
(especially since I'll be guzzling so much heavily sugared and creamed coffee)

7) Frugal
Watch that budget

8) Kind
In the sense that I need to be kinder to myself and stop being so negative

9) Tidy
Actually maintain cleanliness, not just in big cleaning purges

10) Punctual
Professionalism matters even more this year

11) Studious
Because cramming is the worst thing ever

12) Engaged
Show interest, get involved, ask questions

What about you guys? Are there goals or resolutions you have set for yourself? How do you go about sticking to them? 

Thanks for reading!

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