Thursday, December 16, 2010

A different kind of turtle

Hello again! Life has been SO crazy! I just had my first interview for med school, and I hope I did well! Anyways, I am reeeeaaaaally proud of one of my latest creations: a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat!

I made my first version of this about a year ago for my boyfriend. The two of us and two other friends had wanted TMNT hats and his was the first one I made. Then, all sorts of work set in again so the set was never completed. Here are the pics.

I didn't like this as much because I did a pretty shoddy job attaching the eyes and still haven't had time to fix it. So currently they are both lopsided and falling off. But he still wears it, because it's the only hat he has. ^_^;;;  I should fix that, haha.

Anyways, my friend saw it and really wanted her own. So I refined the process a little, took a few creative suggestions from her, and here we are!

Ta-dah! Unfortunately my camera ate the rest of the pictures, so I'll see if I can get more later. But I am super-proud of this! :D Click Read More for info and the tute.

Edit: I finally got some more pictures taken of the blue hat! Click here to see them!

So a little background info: for both hats, the body of the hat is your basic beanie done in single crochet. For the brim on both, I modified this pattern on ravelry. For the band, I just crocheted a long rectangle and made it into a loop, then crocheted white triangles for eyes and added a black border. Sew the eyes onto the band and the band onto the hat and voila! Done!

Now for details. My boyfriend's hat was done in (I think) Simply Soft Eco Pine with a G hook, while my friend's was done holding two strands of yarn together (Simply Soft Dark Sage and Forest Floor) with a K hook. She also earflaps, though you can't really see in the photo.For those, I just tried on the hat to get an idea of where I wanted the flaps. Then I single crocheted a few rows, and decreased a few until I got the shape I wanted.

Sorry there's no actual pattern, but to any intermediate crocheter this is easy stuff. I hope to see more hats like this around, they're so cool! :)

Also, apparently my friend's friend has gotten obsessed with her hat, so he's requesting one from me! Hopefully I can get on that and get some photos up soon!

'Til next time!


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