Monday, November 5, 2012

Commitment Day 5: Storage Solutions - Bracelets and Necklaces

Day 5 is here (see the other Days here), and boy, did I cut it close today! Still immersed in exams (one down, three to go!), so today is again a short one.

Storage is a big problem for me. I have a lot of stuff and not tons of space, nor do I want to spend tons of money on fancy solutions.

I have accumulated a ton of jewelry. A lot of it is inherited from my mom, gifts, collected from garage sales, and bought off clearance. This stitcher may be stingy, but she's also a bit too enthusiastic about finding a good deal!

In several posts this month, I'll be showing off what I've done to store my jewelry so it's visible but out of the way. Today's all about the bracelets and necklaces. And today's star players are Command wall hooks, shower curtain rings, and paper clips!

This is an overview of my "accessories corner", sandwiched between the bookshelf and the closet door (on the right). You'll eventually see all of what's going on here in future posts.

Focusing on the left first, you see a ribbon with loops tied in it, hanging from two of those Command wall hooks.

And threaded through those loops are nothing less than shower curtain rings, holding my bracelets and bangles in sets and loosely related groups. All well-displayed and easily removed, and not even taking up table space!

I also have a few bracelets that are stiff and open (you know what I'm talking about, right?). For those, I just dangle them from the mouth of an old, cleaned-out jar. Easy-peasy, and I'm not afraid that they'll fall off and land who-knows-where.

 Necklaces were interesting for me, as I have a lot of those. I have this straw-wrapped, wire jewelry frame I obtained from China years ago, and it has served me so well. In order to maximize its utility, I added hooks made from bent paperclips to hang necklaces from. I threaded those through the straw, making sure they hooked over the wire frame so they wouldn't rip out.

Longer/wider/busier-looking necklaces are relegated to these hooks on the side. Thanks again, Command!

And hiding away in a drawer is a little bear-shaped box (its former incarnation) holding other pendants and chains.

 I hope you enjoyed looking at this! I enjoy being able to browse through other people's storage solutions to find approaches that work for me. Hopefully I inspired you!

Anyways, I have to get back to studying. Wish me luck, and I will see you tomorrow! Thanks for reading!


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