Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Commitment Day 6: A Little Jewelry Inspiration

Day 6 is here! See the rest of my 30 Days of Commitment series here!

Today's exam was exhausting! But I pulled through, and with a nice long nap and a long cooking break, I'm ready to work again!

...after, of course, today's post. ^_~

Today's post comes thanks to a site where I take a lot of inspiration from. I have a huge collection of inspirations for clothes, etc. that comes from Modcloth.

Recently, I found this necklace, the Just Bead Yourself Necklace in Concord.

When I saw this, I remembered these:

A while back, I found a store that sold a bunch of these "pearl" necklaces for a dollar each. In colors like this, who could resist?

My initial thoughts were to make one of those bird's nest necklaces (like this one), but I wasn't sure what else I wanted to do. The Just Bead Yourself Necklace is a good inspiration point.

I didn't really have time to actually make it, but I did experiment a little during one of my breaks. Using the fiber that the beads came strung on, I tried stringing a few beads together to see how it might look.

Did you see in the product image how the beads steadily decrease in size? While the blue beads don't come in that many sizes, the gray beads I have come in smaller sizes, so I might incorporate those in to the design as well.

Here were a couple of idea sketches I made:

Do you guys have any suggestions? Have you made jewelry before?

Thanks for reading!


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