Sunday, November 4, 2012

Commitment Day 4: Afghans

It's Day 4 of my 30 Days of Commitment series! See other posts in this series here.

Yikes, exams are this week! A lot of posts this week will be pic-heavy with hopefully less rambling than usual!

I was about a month into the "learning to crochet" process when I saw the concept of a chevron afghan in a magazine somewhere. The concept was easy (skip a stitch at the "valley", increase a stitch at the "peak"), so I boldly purchased a few skeins of Simply Soft Caron Eco and got to work!

Four years of extremely intermittent crocheting later...

Featuring a guest appearance by Cabbage the panda,
Pancake the polar bear, and Blackjack the dapper black bear.

Before y'all judge me too hard for taking this long, consider this. Lacking any real crocheting experience, I made a fatal miscalculation in the design of this afghan.

It's in single crochet. You guys. This thing is a beast. It's so dense and heavy. It takes forever to add to its length. It's eating up so much yarn. OMG.

See that? That's a page of notes I made when determining the size of this blanket. Its finished dimensions will be about 4.5 feet by 5 feet (currently it's about 70% done). And this thing is going to take 30 skeins of yarn.


Someone with afghan-making experience, tell me: is this normal???

Anyways, in my infinite wisdom, I also decided to start a granny blanket last spring. Here's my progress so far, minus a few I have in my carrel at school. I work on those when I have time to kill there and I'm not in the mood to study.

I'm currently going with this configuration. My working plan for these requires almost 150 squares. Yahoo? It'll be about 5.5 feet wide and about 6.5 feet long.

I'm still not sure how I plan on joining these up. Experienced crocheters, do you have preferred joining methods?

Thanks for tuning in, guys, and wish me luck on my tests!


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  1. I've only made three afghans so far, but 30 skeins sounds like significantly more than I used (one of mine was 6, the other 4, and this most recent 10). I have, however, made sure they were all more or less double crocheted, which helps to gain size quicker and uses less yarn.

    I hope this afghan works out for you. It is really beautiful--I love those colors!